Firebird gdef.exe

GBAK — Firebird Backup and Restore GBAK is Firebird’s command line tool for online backup firebird gdef.exe restore of a complete database. GBAK is able to perform a backup while the database is running. There is no need to shut down the database during a GBAK backup.

GBAK will create a consistent snapshot of the database at the time it starts running. You will, however, notice a perfomance degradation during the backup, so it is a good idea to backup at night. As GBAK visits all pages of the database, it will also perform a garbage collection on the database. You can find the official Firebird GBAK documentation here. Only SYSDBA or the database owner can perform a backup.

For multi-file databases, specify only the name of the first file as the database name. You will have to specify the -C option for restore. Instead of -password: Fetch password from the file so it is not visible in the command line. The file must not exist before running GBAK! So you have to delete it before the GBAK call. Does not perform garbage collection during backup, so the backup will be faster. When you plan to da a Restore or Sweep anyway after the backup.

No table data will be stored. No table data will be restored. So you can restore data that does not meet these constraints and could not be restored otherwise. Usually the restore takes place in one single transaction for the whole database. This switch puts a commit after each table.