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This is the successor to Delphi Delphi Delphi web site which was created in 1996 when I started to learn Delphi after moving to Windows from CA-Clipper for DOS. For reasons beyond my control, it went offline in 2002. . Finalbuilder, formatter.exe, auditscl, gendoccli 2011 release of Delphi is here and it is called Delphi XE.

With hundreds of new features and enhancements, Delphi XE will help you build ultra-rich applications ultra-fast. With Delphi XE you’ll find new ways to get your work done faster, build higher quality apps, and take advantage of multi-tier and cloud. Take a look at the key new features of Delphi XE below. Subversion integration in the IDEWith Delphi XE you can easily use the popular Subversion version control system to manage source code revisions for your own code or among your team. Support for common version control tasks like import, update, commit and show log. New editor shortcuts for navigating between changed lines of code.

Language, Compiler and Library Enhancements Continued improvements and enhancements to your application foundation. Upgrading from version 2009 or earlier? If you’re upgrading from Delphi version 2009 or earlier, you’ll find that Delphi XE gives you a lot more than just the new features in Delphi XE. Delphi XE builds on a solid foundation and a history of 15 years of innovation focused on helping you rapidly build high performance applications.

Here are just a few of the features introduced in recent versions of Delphi that you also get when you upgrade Delphi XE. Rapidly build touch based GUI, tablet, touchpad, and kiosk applications or easily upgrade existing applications UIs with little or no additional coding. Support more Windows desktops without worrying about the specific Windows API details of each version and support users worldwide with Unicode throughout the development environment and improved language support. So what have I created with Delphi ? Reinstall it in it’s own directory that’s not under Program Files. In an earlier article, I had written about Developers Express’s decision NOT to support D5 anymore. Add Tabs as necessary such as Home, Appearance, Help etc 3.

Facebook and Delphi – Facebook API for Delphi By Zarko Gajic, About. Facebook :: I guess you know what Facebook is? INTRODUCTION Many Delphi 7 users wonder whether they’ll find compelling reasons to migrate to Delphi 2009. New MDI Child Forms By Zarko Gajic, About. I wanted to finish this side project during Women’s History Month to honor the Amazing Grace Hopper and her contributions to the field of Computer Science.

There are two websites that I think are important when buying stuff on Amazon and I thought I’d share with everyone. From the Code Partners blog: RAD Studio’s ability to do remote debugging of Android apps on device is fantastic for tracking down issues. I keep meaning to start blogging about it. This article has been removed because it depended on the now discontinued Google Earth API. A few people have reviewed this book already but for various personal and work commitments, reasons, I’ve been unable to review the book until now. Fernando Rizzato has written a blog about how you can read bar codes using Delphi XE4 for iOS.

So Long, and Thanks for All The Good Times! Delphi Programming Guide for the About. What is the Delphi component that you can’t live without? The on demand replay for the “Extreme Cross-Platform . One of the integrated touch features of the VCL in RAD Studio 2010 is interactive multi-touch gestures. Where on earth are my sunglasses? Seems Share-It doesn’t want to provide some users with the ability to enter a coupon.

But this can kind of be expected. I’ll never forget the very first discussions about what would eventually become the dev. Welcome to the JVCL Home Page! Woll2Woll Software specializing in components such as the datagrid for Visual Studio . PrintDAT- Create report from a Delphi grid using this component.

This is the successor to Delphi Delphi Delphi web site which was created in 1996 when I started to learn Delphi after moving to Windows from CA-Clipper for DOS. For reasons beyond my control, it went offline in 2002. The VFP ODBC driver was included in MDAC 2. 5 and earlier and preinstalled on Windows 2000 and earlier. In order to use it on Windows XP and later Windows versions, it has to be installed first.