Faulting application 1cv8c.exe faulting module frame.dll

Ok this thing seems is causing alot of crash reports at the minute. I’ve played this game for a long while now and only recently this started to happen. We need this to faulting application 1cv8c.exe faulting module frame.dll some attention cause me and alot of my friends only started getting this since the last patch. 54 right now, but friends still on the WHQL 306.

97 and we all get this crash. I haven’t changed my O’Cs or messed with any setting since the start of BF3. My pc is oc’ed pretty high but it’s always been that way. The only change has been on BF side of things. I run Aida64 and my temps are super low. My ram is fine, 12 hour memtest passed.