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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article fated to love you taiwan drama download about the 2011 Taiwanese series. For the 2012 Philippine series, see Luv U. 2011 Taiwanese drama starring Joseph Chang, Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang, Ann Hsu, Alien Huang and Tom Price. 17 April 2011, every Sunday at 22:00 and cable TV SET Metro from 23 April 2011, every Saturday at 21:00.

They decided that the best way to deal with the rejection was to get drunk, really drunk. During the 24 hours of their crazy drunkenness, these two stranger became fast friends and got married to each other. Jie Xiu’s mother Samantha catches trouble at a club, but they sort it out and Jie Xiu’s relationship with his mother strengthens. During a celebration at the Farglory Hotel, though, Samantha ends up in the hospital after falling down the stairs. 75 in the 15 to 44 age range.

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China Times Archived 2013-01-26 at the Wayback Machine. Archived 2011-12-01 at the Wayback Machine. Flag of the Republic of China. When I See You Again was aired. Taiwanese television series, starring Joe Chen, Ethan Juan, Baron Chen and Bianca Bai. The drama holds the record for the highest average single-episode rating at 10.