.exe battlefield 4

These files can be edited using a text editor like Windows Notepad or Wordpad. However as you may have noticed, editing many of these . 0001 for the first .exe battlefield 4, etc.

Most of the settings in these . However there are a few things you can adjust which are unique to the . This setting controls your current resolution in Battlefield 2. If you cannot start up BF2 and change the resolution from within the game, try altering it here to help you startup the game. 60Hz to one your monitor supports. All of the above settings can be adjusted from within the in-game Video settings. By setting them each to 4 in Video.

Videosettings_Ultrahigh’ in the in-game Video settings screen, and some people believe this increases the graphics quality to Ultrahigh levels. 3 Patch, you can no longer set Ultra High quality, the highest value which works for these settings is 3, which is also the maximum possible when using the in-game settings. You can’t change these details here – doing so will have no impact on your online account, except maybe cause problems logging on or with Punkbuster. Interestingly, you can add console commands to General. So for example if you want the FPS counter to appear whenever you launch BF2 and join a game, add the renderer.

Fps 1 command at the bottom of General. The list of console commands is on the next page. This file contains all of the control mappings for actions in the game. These are pretty much all of the useful things you can do by way of tweaking the . As I mentioned, most of the settings in the .

In games without client-side latency compensation, you have to lead your target by a certain amount, since whenever you fire a weapon your bullets will actually register in the game world with a delay equal to your Ping. In any case, this setting controls the default latency compensation applied, and the normal value is 0. For example, if you typically have a 50ms Ping, setting this to 0. 050000 should improve the feeling of accuracy in the game.

To be honest having experimented with this setting in isolation I didn’t notice much difference either way. Interpolation is a technique used to increase the smoothness of an online game. Basically interpolation is the prediction of where a particular moving object or character is currently located in the game world, based on data received on where they were and where they are. By default, Battlefield 2 appears to have a 100 millisecond buffer for interpolation.

The problem with this is that while making things appear smoother, it also means that when firing upon a fast-moving object you may miss where they actually are as you’re effectively facing an additional 100ms delay. It is important to understand that the generally inaccurate feel of most weapons in BF2 is intentional, as realism has been sacrificed for the sake of gameplay. Techniques to steady your aim such as going prone and using short bursts can help improve hit rates. Furthermore it appears that much of the time the lack of hit registration is due to lost packets.