Exception eaccessviolation in module free track.exe at 00019779

Exception eaccessviolation in module free track.exe at 00019779 on another Windows 7 PC I have but wont startup on my flight sim PC unistalled and reinstalled multiple times. 2 and crashes immediately when trying to start the program.

I’ve run uninstall then scanned and cleaned registry multiple times and re-downloaded and installed multiple times. As I said above I have it working on another Windows 7 machine. I tried with a camera plugged in and as you know the program runs with or without a camera plugged in. I don’t have the program launch at all. I have a solid state hard drive as my C: drive and I tried installing it there and also on my D: drive, but that shouldn’t matter. Just check what dpi seting you have, maybe that’syou problem. That was it, my setting was medium sized fonts.

I was seeing other posts about access violations and DPI settings and was trying those but Stormrider your post did it, I know this is free software but wouldn’t that be easy to fix? Seems like it’s been posted on since 2009? Damn those fonts are small now at 1920 by 1200. It works the same as freetrack, but with less options. For this one you don’t have to change the dpi-setting and that is one of the reasons why I started to use that. And what model Asus notebook do you have? A problem caused the programe to stop working correctly.

The version of Free Track I have is 2. The demo works OK it is when I try to select my inbuilt notebooks webcam which shows as Asus default or Asus usb selecting either causes the above problem. After closing the box and try to start it again the same box shows and I have to restart the computer to actually get it to start again. Just a thought but is this a 32bit only program?