Error during initialization unhandled exception caught t6sp.exe

There were no changes between 3. 33001: Minimal fix to prevent buffer overrun in os. 32981: Regexes in difflib and poplib were vulnerable to catastrophic backtracking. There were no new error during initialization unhandled exception caught t6sp.exe in version 3.

30947: Upgrade libexpat embedded copy from version 2. 32072: Fixed issues with binary plists: Fixed saving bytearrays. Identical objects will be saved only once. Equal references will be load as identical objects.

Added support for saving and loading recursive data structures. 31170: expat: Update libexpat from 2. 29572: Update Windows build and OS X installers to use OpenSSL 1. 29591: Update expat copy from 2. 0 to get fixes of CVE-2016-0718 and CVE-2016-4472. 30694: Upgrade expat copy from 2. 26657: Fix directory traversal vulnerability with http.

This fixes a regression that was introduced in 3. Based on patch by Philipp Hagemeister. 30730: Prevent environment variables injection in subprocess on Windows. Prevent passing other invalid environment variables and command arguments. 26617: Fix crash when GC runs during weakref callbacks.

27945: Fixed various segfaults with dict when input collections are mutated during searching, inserting or comparing. Based on patches by Duane Griffin and Tim Mitchell. Mac OS X when decode astral characters. 28563: Fixed possible DoS and arbitrary code execution when handle plural form selections in the gettext module.