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Toshiba RAV-SM566KRT-E Service Manual Split type. Page 2: Table Of Contents FILE NO. R22 in order to prevent destruction of the ozone layer. Page 3: Safety Caution Toshiba Carrier Corporation or, alternatively, he or eepro100 driver download has been instructed in such matters by an individual or individuals who have been trained and is thus thoroughly acquainted with the knowledge related to this work.

In addition to such normal protective gear, wear the protective gear described below when undertaking the special work detailed in the table below. SVM-12004 Warning Indications on the Air Conditioner Unit Confirm that labels are indicated on the specified positions If removing the label during parts replace, stick it as the original. Page 6: Precautions For Safety FILE NO. SVM-12004 Precautions for safety The manufacturer shall not assume any liability for the damage caused by not observing the description of this manual. DANGER Before carrying out the installation, maintenance, repair or removal work, be sure to set the circuit breaker for both the indoor and outdoor units to the OFF position.

SVM-12004 WARNING Before starting to repair the air conditioner, read carefully through the Service Manual, and repair the air conditioner by following its instructions. SVM-12004 Before troubleshooting or repair work, check the earth wire is connected to the earth terminals of the main unit, otherwise an electric shock is caused when a leak occurs. If the earth wire is not correctly connected, contact an electric engineer for rework. SVM-12004 After repair work, surely assemble the disassembled parts, and connect and lead the removed wires as before. Perform the work so that the cabinet or panel does not catch the inner wires. SVM-12004 When the service panel of the outdoor unit is to be opened in order for the compressor or the area around this part to be repaired immediately after the air conditioner has been shut down, set the circuit breaker to the OFF position, and then wait at least 10 minutes before opening the service panel. TCF holder: Toshiba EMEA Engineering Director Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd.

Porsham Close, Belliver Industrial Estate, PLYMOUTH, Devon, PL6 7DB. Page 15: Systematic Refrigerating Cycle Diagram FILE NO. Page 16: Wiring Diagram FILE NO. Page 17: Specifications Of Electrical Parts FILE NO. Page 18: Refrigerant R410a FILE NO. REFRIGERANT R410A This air conditioner adopts the new refrigerant HFC 6. Joints For copper pipes, flare joints or socket joints are used.

Prior to use, be sure to remove all contaminants. Flare Processing Make certain that a clamp bar and copper pipe have been cleaned. D By means of the clamp bar, perform the flare processing correctly. Use either a flare tool for R410A or conven- tional flare tool. Flare processing dimensions differ according to the type of flare tool. Required Tools The service port diameter of packed valve of the outdoor unit in the air-water heat pump using R410A is changed to prevent mixing of other refrigerant. Page 23: Recharging Of Refrigerant FILE NO.

Recharging of Refrigerant When it is necessary to recharge refrigerant, charge the specified amount of new refrigerant according to the following steps. Recover the refrigerant, and check no refrigerant remains in the equipment. Page 24: Brazing Of Pipes FILE NO. Be sure to make setting so that liquid can be charged. When using a cylinder equipped with a siphon, liquid can be charged without turning it upside down. It is necessary for charging refrigerant under condition of liquid because R410A is mixed type of refrigerant. Activated temperature of flux coincides with As brazing work requires sophisticated techniques, the brazing temperature.

Page 26: Indoor Control Circuit FILE NO. 1 Header unit Indoor control P. Central control communication circuit DC20V Remote controller communication circuit DC12V EEPROM Receiver and Display P. Page 28: Control Specifications FILE NO. Distinction of outdoor unit supply is reset When the power supply is reset, the outdoors are distin- guished and the control is selected according to the distinguished result.