I am looking for a specific firmware version for my Huawei E3276s-150 firmware version, UTPS23. In your support area you do not have anything above 22. According to Huawei this version fixes a security vulnerability. Can you e3276s_update_21.436.03.00.00.exe me with this please and thank you in advance.

We can try to check for available ones and see if possible to convert them should you want it. 464 or above I would be very grateful. PLease advise when you have time. There is no guarantee that you will be able to flash it. You will risk to lose credits during flash same applies for device as it may be unrepairably damaged. So your saying it is physically impossible to update my E3276?

I don’t care about using a credit, I just need it updated to this version or higher. Huawei says there’s is an update so it exist but for some reason they don’t want to help. I’m just saying what consequences may be when trying to flash device. Well as always I appreciate good advice but then I have a follow up question, why do I risk damaging it. Since this is your expertise wouldn’t you know if the flash file you are providing would be correct for my modem or not, better than I right.

I mean if I have told you the model and firmware version of my stick then theoretically shouldn’t you know what file is good or bad for it? I mean I’m just asking since you are an expert. Is there some kind of dark mystery about finding an update to my make and model of my modem stick and flashing it. I’m just trying to understand this. I trust you if you feel the firmware you can provide is correct for my model.

I don’t see how I would damage it. When can you upload it to the support area? And again thank you for telling me about my consequences but I will take the risk. At the moment they are no good to me with the current firmware as the company will not use it with the security vulnerability. Just to clarify, this is some documentation I received from Huawei.