Please try again in a few minutes. Please forward this error screen dwh.exe sharedip-19218624697. These improvements were sorely needed, though: the widely-used, well-known NT Backup was getting pretty long in the tooth. Windows 7, so it doesn’t seem too likely that simply copying ntbackup.

Copy them on to the Windows 7 machine and then run ntbackup. Now run NT Backup as usual. BKF files won’t be registered with this application, you’ll have to point NT Backup to the . Right-click the Files tree in recovery mode and click Catalog File. Select your backup file, and click okay.

You’ll then be able to catalog and restore your files as needed. For the most part, NT Backup works just fine under Windows 7. It might not be ideal to continue using NT Backup as your daily backup solution, but it’s good to know those . What exactly is the error you’re getting? Are you trying to backup files or restore from an existing . 1830, which also was the first release to be available in an x64 build, but the “Disable volume shadow copy” option, which is what you want on Windows 7, was removed in SP1.

Anywhere else is fine and you just run NTBACKUP from the folder you selected. Thanks for this tip – don’t know why MS didn’t include and small modified version in W7 just for the hell of it. Funny, MS requires XP users to backup their data and install from scratch only to find out after loading the OS that there isn’t a utility to restore it with. While I don’t really disagree with you anonymous, microsoft does provide plenty of tools for new machine switch overs such as the User State Migration Tool. That would be their recommended method of doing the transfer.

Windows 7 is compatible with that. Works great all I had to do was download and install the ntmsapi. Do you have a good idea too to join W7 into a nt4 Domain ? I was able to get the NTBackup program to work manually. I was also able to backup to a USB drive.