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16bit microcontrollers to 32bit ARM Cortex core MCUs. One of the most famous device in this series is SAM3X8E, Atmel’s Smart ARM microcontroller. The SAM3X8E MCUs have ARM Cortex-M3 processor, which can run at 84 MHz, have 512 KB of flash, and 100 KB of SRAM. DAC, temperature sensor, 32-bit timers, PWM timer and RTC. The 16-bit external bus interface supports SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND Flash with error code correction. Library is available for the SAM3X8E for easy implementation of buttons, sliders and wheels.

Also, there is an Arduino kit available for this controller. This kit is known as Arduino Due. To harness full power of this chip, many developers choose to use Atmel Studio. We specifically need this version to program Arduino Due.

This will simplify lot of things. It includes a bossac programmer which is required to download the code to Arduino due. A Dos command to switch serial port mode. This is required for enter into programming mode. BOSSA is a microcontroller flash programming software for Atmel’s SAM microcontrollers. The name, BOSSA, is an acronym for Basic Open Source SAM-BA Application. Software’s homepage can be found here.

We will add this batch file as an external tool and tell Atmel Studio to pass required arguments to this batch file. Note: If you are using a different path, provide the same. NOTE: COM3 is used as an example, you need to provide correct port. USB cable in any of the free USB ports on your computer. Check Device Manager for the COM port number. TIP: If you connect your same Arduino Due board to the same USB port of your computer, the COM port number will always be the same ! Click OK, and then click YES to save changes you have made.