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Announced in September 2006, it was released to the market in March 2007. The N95 was a high-end model that was marketed as a “multimedia computer”, much like other Nseries devices. N95 8GB with 8 gigabytes of internal storage, a larger display and improved battery. The phone was unveiled on 26 September 2006 at the Nokia Open Studio 2006 event in New York City. It was considered to have been a turning point in the mobile industry due to its various capabilities. However the device took long until it was finally released, almost 6 months.

On 7 April 2007, the N95 went on sale in the United States through Nokia’s Flagship stores in New York and Chicago and through Nokia’s nseries. No US carriers were expected to offer this phone. Nokia’s flagship stores in New York and Chicago on 26 September 2007. Finally, later on 7 January 2008, Nokia introduced the N95-4, which is the US 8 GB version of the N95-3. The phone got its FCC approval on 30 January and launched 18 March. The first carrier to utilise this approval was Rogers Wireless in May 2009.

2010 despite its three-year old age. The N95 contained an integrated GPS receiver which was located below the 0 key on the keypad. The phone ships with Nokia Maps navigation software. UMTS features in these versions of the phone are disabled by default. HSDPA bands, neither 1700 MHz of T-Mobile USA nor 2100 MHz bands are supported internationally.

The phone could also act as a WAN access point allowing a tethered PC access to a carrier’s packet data network. The N95 included a built-in accelerometer. Nokia Research Center allowed an application interface directly to the accelerometer, allowing software to use the data from it. Nokia has released a step counter application to demonstrate this. Third-party programs were created, including software that will automatically change the screen orientation when the phone is tilted, a program that simulates the sounds of a Star Wars lightsaber when the phone is waved through the air, a program allowing the user to mute the phone by turning it face-down, etc.