Download game stolen in 60 second pc

Our Rodent’s Revenge Download game stolen in 60 second pc Rodent’s Revenge is a classic cat-and-mouse game. You, as a mouse, have to outsmart the cat and trap it in a 1×1 grid by pushing blocks.

If the cat gets you, you die. As you beat the levels, more cats will appear and the game gets harder. In the harder levels there are new obstacles, such as purple balls of yarn, sinkholes, and mousetraps. This is a simple game – there is no sound, and there are a total of 11 different colors. I can see why some people wouldn’t like this game and would think it’s boring, but I think it’s a great classic.

If you’re looking for a simple, well-made game with great gameplay, get Rodent’s Revenge. Sabrina 6 years agois this download free? Kryosis 7 years agoI love this game! Used to play it so much as a kid! I would play in my dad’s office on those old school PCs as a wee lad. I’m 23 now, so it was some time ago. So glad I found this game again!

Been about 10 years since I’ve played but I love it! As a child i played this all the time at my grand parents house on their old cp from the 1990s. Im 23 now so you do the math lol. Nice to know that i share the same interest in this game as the many others who have also posted over the years. Zaid Huda 7 years agoplayed it when i was 5 and now it’s better than DotA!

I randomly thought of this game again the other day, so I’m glad to see the memory can still live on! Jakob 7 years agothis tiny game works on windows 7 ultimate, don’t understand why peep say it won’t run on their pc. Rj scharff 7 years agoI believe this was one of my favorite games when I was 5 – 7, Always used to play it on my parents computer but after it crashed and all the memory was lost I never remembered the name but remembered what was in it, I’d recommend this game to everyone it’s fun, and time consuming. Bassam 7 years agoI used to have the game for years. I lost it and I can gownload it again.

P 7 years agoi love this game it use to be on a computer at my old day care but i moved and now its gone but i cant find a way to play it anymore. Nene 8 years agodo u have to pay to download this game ? Right click on the exe file and check the “allow to run this file as a program” box. Then right click again and “Open with wine”. Much better than many modern games! The underlying workings of a 64-bit OS is completely different than 34-bit.

Its like the game speaks a different language and doesn’t know how to talk with your computer. Coarryarorrug 8 years agobe happy and love. 8 years agoI remember playing this game on my old computer as a kid one of the best classic games off all time can’t wait to play it again! 8 years agoI have an old computer and it has microsoft 98 on it and I’ve played it before. What ultimate score did you attain? 8 years agoi rele wanna download this game to my windows 7 64 bit comp but it wont run!