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The Garfield Show is a CGI animated television series. Mark Evanier, one of the show’s directors, stated in February 2017 download game garfield 2 the show is on hiatus.

The last episode aired on October 24, 2016. Everyone’s favorite fat cat Garfield returns to television in this new CG animated cartoon. To celebrate his 30th anniversary, every one of your favorite characters return too. Jon, Odie, Arlene, Nermal, and more return in the new series as well. The show features very loose continuity and is set in a different universe to the previous Garfield cartoon: Garfield and Friends. However the show sometimes makes references to the previous one. Unlike the previous cartoon, Liz is now considered a main character and has official relationship with Jon to reflect their current status in the comic strip.

Unlike Garfield and Friends, the U. Acres segments and characters are omitted. Eddie Gourmand – a famous overweight food critic. His opinion on restaurants has a major impact on their success.

He often crosses paths with Garfield, as they both enjoy Vito’s cooking. Whipple – a recurring antagonist who while helping others is usually out of his own gain. He is a parody of Dr. Doc Boy” Doc Arbuckle – Jon’s brother who owns a farm. Jon always teases him by calling him “Doc Boy” much to his irritation. Aunt Ivy – Jon and Doc Boy’s bossy aunt that often harasses Jon whenever she comes to visit. She doesn’t like anything and likewise it is hard to find anything that likes her.

Vito Cappelletti – an Italian chef who owns his own restaurant. Vito is a very ambiguous character either highly appreciating Garfield for saving his business often or determined to prevent Garfield from stealing his lasagna or pizza. Harry – a stray cat that lives in Garfield’s neighbourhood. Harry is another ambiguous character that is sometimes acts as Garfield’s friend and sometimes antagonizes him. Drusilla and Minerva – two annoying twins that like to dress up any animal they come across and usually Garfield falls victim to this.

They are hinted to be either Jon’s cousins or nieces but even they don’t seem to know and claim that he’s “some relative” of theirs. Herman Post – the mailman that works in Garfield’s neighborhood. Garfield often plays pranks on him for “delivering nothing but bills” much to his dismay however to his delight, he continues to get a higher salary for doing his job as other mailmen are too scared of Garfield to take his place. Al the Dog Catcher – a clumsy dog catcher who is often fired for incompetence only to be rehired as seemingly no one else can do the job any better. Pete the Dog Catcher – another dog catcher that sometimes acts as Al’s associate.

Usually they are hired together to catch Garfield and Odie. The Evil Space Lasagnas – an alien race of living Lasagnas that try to conquer Earth but after witnessing Garfield’s ravenous appetite for lasagna they are too fearful. Hercules – a mean chihuahua “with a bad attitude” who is actually a troubled loner deep on the inside. He sometimes hangs out with Mademoiselle Fifi, the chihuahua belonging to Jon’s boss. Barker – Jon’s former boss who commissions Jon’s comics.