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We hope that our web site provides a great deal of valuable technical information, which is available to download crack file for ansys 16 who visits our web site. The technical materials on this page, however, are intended only for DRD’s customers, and are, therefore, password protected. The topics on this page are intended for engineers who are interested in highly technical and detailed information on ANSYS.

These topics contain information, which is not readily available to ANSYS users through standard documentation and training courses. For example, some topics provide information on ANSYS capabilities that are under development or are not documented. This webinar includes presentations and demonstrations of both Fluent meshing updates new at R19. Updates to Fluent meshing include a streamlined workflow for watertight CAD and a new volume mesh type called poly-hexcore. The new workflow allows for robust processing of upstream changes allowing users to quickly create a mesh and edit their meshing controls. The Poly-hexcore meshing method uses bulk hexahedral elements with polyhedral elements at the boundaries. For a recording of this webinar download here.

For the presentation slides please download here. A password is required if you have not obtained one already. This webinar will include a presentation and demonstration of the Discovery Live simulation product first introduced commercially in early 2018. Discovery Live takes advantage of hardware trends by leveraging the hundreds of compute cores available on NVIDIA GPU cards. Recent enhancements to the software at R19.