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In short and general, the integration services are a set of drivers so that the virtual machine can make use of the synthetic devices provisioned to the VM by Hyper-V. Hyper-V Integration Services optimizes download best windows 7 build 7601 activation key download – download software drivers of the virtual environments to provide end users with the best possible user experience. The suite improves virtual machine management by replacing generic operating system driver files for the mouse, keyboard, video, network and SCSI controller components.

This fancy word refers to the concept of making the virtual machine aware of its environment. Emulated hardware is a software construct that the hypervisor presents to the virtual machine as though it were actual hardware. This software component implements a unified least-common-denominator set of instructions that are universal to all devices of that type. The drawback is that it can be computationally expensive and therefore slow to operate.

Within the virtual machine, all the translation you see in the above images occurs. Some of the  emulated devices modle are Intel 440bx motherboard and an Intel 21140 network adapter. Synthetic hardware is different from emulated hardware in that Hyper-V does not create a software construct to cover-up as a physical device. Instead, it uses a similar technique to the Windows HAL and presents an interface that functions more closely to the driver model. By looking in Microsoft Device Manager, you can always tell whether you are using the more efficient synthetic drivers in your Hyper-V virtual machines. Emulated devices emulate an existing hardware device that exists as physical hardware. The advantage of emulated devices is that most operating systems usually have in-box drivers for them.

Emulated devices might experience performance issues because of the overhead of emulation. Note: The new generation 2 virtual machines will not be able to use legacy hardware at all. BIOS mode, so all hardware will be usable right from startup. Enlightenments  are presented via drivers in the guest. The Hyper-V Integration Services take this concept a step further to provide a number of additional features. Whereas basic enlightments are standard driver packs, the Integration Services require a little something more.

These are delivered in the form of services for Windows guests and daemons for Linux guests. In a physical system, the purpose of a driver is to move instructions and data between the operating system and hardware. Therefore, it’s only natural that drivers be exploited to serve as a communication gateway. However, the driver model itself isn’t quite enough to carry out a number of activities. It is possible to disable these integration services via Device Manager or from the Services list.