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Pitch correction was relatively uncommon before 1997, when Antares Audio Technology’s Auto-Tune Pitch Correcting Plug-In was introduced. This replaced slow studio techniques with a real-time process that could also be used in live performance. Auto-Tune is still widely used, as are other pitch-correction algorithms including Celemony’s Direct Note Access which allows adjustment of individual notes in a polyphonic audio signal, and Celemony’s Melodyne. Download autotune for adobe audition 1.5 use of pitch correction speeds up the recording process, because singers do not need to keep singing a song or vocal line and re-recording it until the pitches are correct.

While pitch correction is most associated with fixing vocal intonation errors, it can also be used to fix intonation in recorded instrumental parts such as violin, cello or trumpet. Pitch correctors are commonly used in music studios to add the sound of vocal harmony to certain sung words or phrases without re-recording those lines again at the necessary pitches or using backup singers. While pitch correction devices were initially designed to produce natural-sounding effects, producers discovered that by setting extreme parameter values, unusual effects could be obtained. Pitch correction devices became popular in the late 1990s as a distinctively electronic, vocoder-like voice effect. One criticism of pitch correction is that it allows recording engineers to create a perfectly in-tune performance from a vocalist who is otherwise not skilled enough to give one, adding a degree of dishonesty to music.

In 2003, Allison Moorer began attaching stickers to her 2002 album Miss Fortune reading “Absolutely no vocal tuning or pitch-correction was used in the making of this record. A Chicago Tribune report from 2003 stated that “many successful mainstream artists in most genres of music—perhaps a majority of artists—are using pitch correction”. Vocal Fixes: Modern Vocal Processing In Practice”. The computer program that cleans up singers’ pitch is reshaping the character of pop”. Voice on Jackson album far from finished article”.