Dnw.exe uboot

1 Create the bootloader into SD card. So you just received your mini6410 board and you may be wondering where to start This is the right place to get going. Insert the power adapter to the Power cable, Don’t dnw.exe uboot on the board. Using a serial cable, connect the Debug serial port of the mini6410 board to the Serial Port on your PC.

Power on the board, you can enter the linux system default. Notice: notice the SD card position and Boot mode set positionlater will be used. At the “Image File to Fuse:” item, choose the “superboot. Click Scan in the tools, The Sd card will be show in the SD Driver item.

If you useing Win7 system, You should run the SD-Flasher. Copy “images” folder into the SD card. If you want to burn the image you build, you can replace the image with the image you build. In the follow step, We will introduce the method to burn the NEC 4. The red word can be change as you needed.

Power on the board, the buzzer will ring one times, and LED4 will light. Check the board LED and Buzzer, Buzzer will ring two times, and all LED light, then LED1-LED4 will light on and light off one by one. If the system image was build by you, you can replace the old one with the new image, and make sure the name is the same. Notice, you should use the root user to do it. To apply this change, login again or restart the . Check the tool-chain path to see if it is set up correctly or not, whether it show gcc version 4. You can consent to the use of this technology or manage your settings to fully control the data collected and processed.