Database Table will be READ ONLY. Even after shutting down or locking the other computer on dmsr.exe network. B – I see Letters and Numbers instead of Bar Codes in the Label Printing Program? C – My Receipt and Report Printer settings are not properly switching printers.

D – Why Did you switch to a different database engine from Version 3 to 4? E – How can I convert from Regit Express Version 3 to 4. G – I have small items whose inventories I don’t care to track. I – How do you pronounce REGIT? J – My margins are too short on my Sales Reports causing the figures to wrap around. N – Can I switch to tax inclusive method in the middle of the year or tax period?

P – I don’t want Regit Express on my C: Drive, how can I move it to another drive? R – How do I Easily Identify Items that need reordering? S -Transactions that were saved prior installing an upgrade are not showing up after installing the upgrade. T – Why is showing my employees the inventory level per books considered an “Internal Control Weakness”? U – Why has the Regit Express ‘Plus’ version been discontinued for new users? V – Regit Express is asking for an ID and Password, I have locked myself out. The bar code label printing program prints a zero when I enter the letter “O”?

If also restoring the DMSR delete the dmsr. Rename the copied database files to inventory. If only having trouble with one database, it is not necessary to restore all databases. Any of the databases can be restored individually. This information is for the data backed up by the Regit Express backup utility or the automatic backup when closing the Register. If you back up to another location, the procedure is identical with the exception of the location and the renaming of the extensions.

I have small items whose inventories I don’t care to track. How do I sell these items? There are many ways to accomplish this, here is an example. Enter a new product into the inventory database table. For the description, enter Miscellaneous Item, General Merchandize, or just leave it blank. Use Zero for the standard price.

To sell the item simply enter ‘m’ then the correct price when prompted. If you have a lot of items you sell for a specific price, you might use ‘m99’, for items that sell at 99 cents. 99 in the standard price for the item. There is no limit to the number of these you can create. My bar code scanner scans a different number than is in my database. Virtually every bar code scanner is programmable. My margins are too short on my Sales Reports and the figures wrap around.

The Regit Express Office’s sales reports use Windows Wordpad to display the documents. If the margins are too close together the Reports cannot fit between the margins and will not line up properly. You cannot reset Wordpad’s margins while the Window’s default printer is set to a receipt printer because the width of the receipt paper is too narrow. Select File, then Select Default Printer.