Dism.exe /enable-feature

How to use Windows 7 DISM dism.exe /enable-feature Muiz. A : ‘Cause there is not much information about this tool out yet.

DISM is the replacement for the older deployment tools from Microsoft, like PKMGR and PEIMG WAIK doesn’t support this yet, so when you want to use WAIK, use it from a Vista or XP, not from a Windows 7. DESCRIPTION: DISM enumerates, installs, uninstalls, configures, and updates features and packages in Windows images. The commands that are available depend on the image being serviced and whether the image is offline or running. Commit-Wim – Saves changes to a mounted WIM image. Home Windows How to fix LogonUI. Windows errors are relatively common, and speaking of which, many users reported LogonUI. This can be an annoying error, so today we’re going to show you how to fix it properly.