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You need to login to do this. Who will rise to become the Green Ninja? LEGO Dino crisis pc rip is a franchise of LEGO products introduced in 2011.

A made-for-TV movie, split into four pilot episodes, was shown on Cartoon Network. It was apparently successful enough that a full 13-episode TV series was greenlit, with several more seasons to follow. WARNING: Late Arrival Spoilers like the true nature of Zane and the identity of the Green Ninja will no longer be spoiler-tagged. Acid-Trip Dimension: Spit from Venomari will make you see some strange things.

The only thing more mind boggling than how much noise these ninja make when attempting to be stealthy is how much of it goes unheard by their foes. Action Girl: Nya is the primary example of this trope in the series, with her exhibiting combat abilities as early as one of the shorts – where she single-handedly defeats Chopov, Wyplash, Krazi, and Bonezai before Jay realises something is wrong. Her eventual promotion to ninja and discovery of her water powers finally cemented her as an equal to the other ninja. Skylor shows herself to be just as competent as the ninja in terms of fighting skills. While Misako is largely non-combatant, she does have the ability to use Spinjitzu and is generally able to hold her own in a one-on-one fight. For example, she was able to defeat a Vermillion warrior by herself using a Frying Pan of Doom. Maya was one during the Serpentine War.

As the then-Master of Water, her team-up with her husband Ray presented quite a challenge to the Time Twins. Ultra Violet, the Dark Action Girl general of the S. All Girls Want Bad Boys: Nya’s excited responses to Bizarro Jay’s jerkass behavior. Buddy” by Scorpio is the ending theme song for the Japanese version of the TV show. Arc Villain: Pilot: Lord Garmadon commands the Skullkins to steal the Golden Weapons that would create a portal for him to escape the Underworld. This is the only case of The Bad Guy Wins in the entire series.

Season 1: Pythor, the last remaining member of the Anacondrai, unites the Serpentine Tribes so that they could conquer and destroy Ninjago. In order to achieve their goal, they must find the four Fangblades that would allow them to unleash the fabled Great Devourer. Seasons 2 and 3: The Overlord is the manifestation and source of Darkness in Ninjago that was trapped on the Island of Darkness as a result of a battle with the First Spinjitzu Master. When Lord Garmadon discovered the island in Season 2, the Overlord convinced him to join forces and assume command of the Stone Army in order to build a super weapon that would upset the balance of light and darkness in Ninjago. Despite his defeat, he returns in Season 3 as a digital virus that infects Cyrus Borg and corrupts all of the technology in New Ninjago City.

This time, he aims to become the Golden Master by building himself a new body with the Golden Weapons and Lloyd’s Golden Power. Season 4: Master Chen, the leader of a criminal empire, organizes the Tournament of Elements as a guise to successfully steal the powers of the current elemental masters, which he then uses to turn himself and his followers into Anacondrai in order to take over Ninjago. Season 5: Morro, a former student of Wu turned vengeful ghost, serves as the primary threat for most of the season following his escape from the Cursed Realm. He possesses Lloyd’s body and embarks on a quest to steal the Realm Crystal in order to free his mistress, The Preeminent. Season 6: Following his freedom from the Teapot Of Tyrahn, Nadakhan steals the Realm Crystal, reunites his band of sky pirates, and returns to his home dimension of Djinjago only to witness its collapse. Djinjago fell as a result of its sister dimension, the Cursed Realm, being destroyed by the ninja in the previous season. Vermillion Warriors seek to recover the Time Blades in order to build the Iron Doom, a machine that would allow them to travel back in time so that they could defeat the elemental masters and take over Ninjago.

Season 8: The Sons of Garmadon is a biker gang led by The Quiet One, who aims to conquer New Ninjago City and resurrect Lord Garmadon by collecting the Oni Masks necessary for his rebirth. This is the second case of The Bad Guy Wins in the series. Iron Baron and his Dragon Hunters pursue the ninja across the First Realm in search of the Dragon Armor. Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Jay catching up Sensei Wu in the episode “The Green Ninja”. Grundle barely resembles any theropod let alone a dromaeosaurid.