This is useful if you want to create an EXE installation package or if your package has some prerequisites. Bootstrapper! use an INI file to store its settings. It can also receive command-line options.

A command-line received by the EXE Bootstrapper will be passed to msiexec when launching the main MSI. Msiexec command-line parameters need to be appended to this command. To learn more about how pass commands to your MSI and MSP packages see the Msiexec page. To also affect the MSI package please use the standard MSIEXEC command-line parameters.

Note that the MSI parameters must come after the Bootstrapper parameters. Extracts the MSI contained by the EXE to the specified location. The full path to an existent folder is required. My work”This command will extract the Mypackage. Both these commands will display a help dialog containing the command-line options for the EXE setup. Launches the EXE setup without UI. Launches the EXE setup with basic UI.