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You need to login to do this. This comes as no surprise: It’s a cliché that Superman’s glasses are the most laughably ineffective costume ever, diablo Tactic Fm 2005 who cares?

Changing that part of the mythos would be like taking the stars off the American flag. It has a high chance of occurring with “classic” characters, but not necessarily their sidekicks. This usually happens with tropes that the character is tightly tied into, making it difficult to separate them from it, and where the basic idea of the trope isn’t so stupid that the fans will be turned off by it. No relation to the Grandfather Paradox.

See The Other Wiki article here. In general, having a floppy disc as an icon for saving in video games or software applications, despite floppies no longer being in use. The symbol has endured for so long that it’s become instantly recognizable even to people who’ve never used floppies in their lives. Serendipity Writes the Plot can mesh with this trope fairly often. Sure, if the same work were created more recently, the director probably would have taken advantage of better special effects technology or whatever. But the results of the old limitations frequently end up an inseparable part of the work anyway. The Coconut Effect: It would be very easy to record real horses but people are so used to the sound of coconut halves banged together that it wouldn’t be recognized for what it was and would “sound wrong.

Commercial jingles are also considered silly in modern times, except for products and services whose jingles are part of their legacy. Get your skis shined up grab a stick of Juicy fruit the taste is gonna move you! By the 2000s, the Saturday morning cartoon block has largely been phased out in favor of channels dedicated to cartoons and most other TV channels have dropped that aspect entirely. Also, most western animation that now air have on-going stories and a structure to them beyond wacky hi-jinks.

Brock’s main Running Gag in the Pokémon anime is to fall in love and embarrass himself by flirting with any pretty girl he sees. Early manga tankoubons tended to have covers with a plain background and text, as well as some sort of square or rectangular image showcasing the series. While covers have gotten more elaborate designs over the years and expand as far as the whole page, some series collections have grown to be more iconic with the old cover layout. Clark Kenting in its original use is a major example, and tends to remain an iron-clad disguise that fools everyone.