Acronis True Image Home Plus Pack 2012 v. Devinst.exe Hard Disk Manager 12 v.

Running as service makes it independent of the logged on user’s privileges, so there is no need to give the users the privilege to change COM-ports in the Windows Device Manager. You can define new default COM-ports for USB-to-Serial devices or any other type of serial device. It can keep clean the Windows COM name arbiter and show balloon-tips for newly attached ports. On x64 editions of Windows only the x64 version works.

The software is not limited or crippled in any way. It’s fully functional without a time limit. Otherwise a licence is required per computer after a 30 day test period. Educational” means institutions where the students outnumber the employees. Furthermore it’s free for public, free of charge libraries. When a new COM-port appears in the system then Windows does not assing the first free number, instead it assigns the first number which has never been used before.

On NTFS formatted drives this requires admin privileges. INI for getting started with higher privileges! INI or rename the sample file. INI might be redirected into the Vista virtual store where it has no effect. Without administrator privileges you will be asked for. The service starts automatically on Windows startup.

Remember: Once installed as service it does not matter from where the service is started. EXE is loaded from the folder where the _service_register. You can uninstall the service using parameter -deregister, this is what the _service_deregister. This stops the service and unregisters it. It returns Errorlevel 0 on success, 1 on failure. EXE and request admin previleges if required.