Dcs black shark simulator.exe dxrenderer.dll

TRACKiR fix doesn’t work, BS 1. FT works with everything I tried so far, but not for black shark. I read most of the forum on the topic but nothing Dcs black shark simulator.exe dxrenderer.dll found works for me. I think I’m missing some simple detail but cannot figure out wich one.

Tracking works on FT, and in “output” options I check only “trackir interface”. Next I start trackir fix, which starts detecting game after I select some mission “simulation. Only thing I can move with the tracking is the mouse pointer if I check “mouse” in “output” options in FT. I have default trackir controls in blackshark control options. 10 warthhog game and tried adapting it but no cigar.

Does anyone play DCS Black Shark 1. Please no theoretical inputs, only the one with working systems. Still trying to get it to work. I don’t know if you’ve solved this but you might try this one out if you haven’t. I had the same problem as above and this solved it for me.

For various reasons I had to reinstall my Black Shark in order for the 1. In this process I lost my capability to use freetrack as a head tracking solution. This will replace the existing newinput. I did notice my free track was cutting out mid way through flight.

I am assuming that is a local issue on my part because I did get the head tracking to work. Please state if anybody is having issues with freetrack cutting out. 2 patch and install it again in order to make it working. I’m guessing it’s a problem with my system. No fix as yet, lets hope someone solves it.