Daemon process.exe

Existing AV schedules set to update daily will be reset to hourly. Event Scheduling and make whatever changes you feel necessary. The options to refuse messages that are not RFC compliant or incompatible with DMARC daemon process.exe additional checks for invalid syntax in the From header.

There is no UI for this setting. Webmail – Changed the view snoozed messages option to display only snoozed messages, instead of displaying snoozed messages in addition to other messages. The button is only enabled when the device has agreed to the designated policy. This version fixes a few reported scanning errors.

MDRA – registration links are hard coded. Added dynamic Pricing, Purchase, and Upgrade links to each product. Personalize screen, “Enable MDaemon’s Instant Messaging feature in browser”. Admins can enable or disable instant messaging per domain using the Domain Manager, per account using the Account Editor, or per group using the Group Manager. Exempt Webmail from Location Screening Added a user option in Webmail to exempt Two Factor Authentication logins from Location Screening.

Yes in the section of their User. Two Factor Auth is enabled for the user, Location Screening is bypassed. This allows users to login to Webmail in countries that would normally be blocked by Location Screening. This allows default and domain signatures to be personalized with the sender’s information. The placement of MDaemon signatures can now also be controlled, if the sender wants them somewhere other than the bottom of the message. Report Weak Password feature now reports an error if invalid or non-local recipient is entered.

Errant AV definition count removed from UI and auto-generated emails. Low disk space calculations updated for large drives and auto generated warning emails use MB now rather than bytes. Compose views to toggle the direction of the editor. Webmail – Added ability for remembering the collapsed state between sessions for Favorite, Saved Search, Personal, Shared, Public, and My Folders.

Webmail – Added the ability to import an external calendar via URL on the Calendar Import view. Added External Calendars view to manage added URLs. MDaemon can be configured to not create POP lock files, which prevent multiple POP3 clients from accessing the same account at the same time, by editing MDaemon. Selected accounts will have their entire folder structure moved to the new location. This includes all emails, folders, calendars, and really all data for the account.

Webmail – Added the ability to change the categories on a per occurrence basis for calendar events. Webmail – Added an option that allows a saved search to be cancelled upon selecting a different message folder. Webmail – Signature text in the compose editor now starts out read-only, to prevent users from accidentally typing message text there and having it erased when switching the From address. MDRA – Frozen accounts are no longer allowed to login. MDRA and Webmail – Updated CKEditor to 4. 2 and added Speech Recognition plugin.