Cube world alpha fixed setup.exe

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Contents The latest additions are shown in bold. Since then, Hello World has been implemented in just about every programming language on the planet. The programs in this collection are intended to be as minimal as possible in the respective language. They are meant to demonstrate how to output Hello World as simply as possible, not to show off language features.

For a collection of programs that tell more about what programming in the languages actually is like, have a look at the 99 Bottles of Beer collection. The Hello World Collection, started in 1994, was compiled with help from many people around the world. It is the biggest collection of Hello World programs on the Internet, and the only one collecting human languages as well. Begin your contribution with a comment in the respective language. Click here for a list of all contributors and other sources.

Click here for brief history of the Hello World Collection. Support the KDE Education Project with our exclusive Hello World merchandise — T-shirts, mugs and more! Index The latest additions are shown in bold. Objective-C  OCaml  Occam  Octave  Omnimark  Ook  OpenVMS  OPL. Hello world in 8th “Hello, world! Hello world in ABC WRITE “Hello, World!

Place code in the first frame Actions. Rem Hello world in AMOS Print “Hello world! Hello world in Andl ‘Hello world! Hello world in Arendelle “Hello, World! Hello Word in Assemlber for the MIPS Architecture . Hello World written in PA-RISC 2.

1 tls cla jmp i type charac, . Hello World in Assembler for the Darwin Power-PC . Hello world in SPARC Assembly Language . Hello world in TAS Assembler for the TR 440 — HELLO. Hello world in Assembler for the Win32 architecture TITLE Hello world in win32. Line numbers and comments are removed by the human who punches the source text.

Z80 based home computers or game consoles. 10 REM Hello World in BASIC 20 PRINT “Hello World! Hello world in Bato mag_print “Hello World! Hello World for the Unix “bc” calculator print “Hello World! No comments are possible in this language. The source code is the BMP file shown below.