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Users say of Noatikl: “the only serious generative music composition tool on IOS”, “Very deep, very unique and intelligent. What others say Computer Music Magazine described Noatikl, our evolution of award-winning SSEYO Koan Pro, as “One of the best interactive composition tools on the market” and said “Cubase elements 7 trial license.exe picks up where Captain Eno’s beloved Koan left off”.

Controller generation see the NME Guide. Generative Music is “endless music created by a system”. As with learning any instrument, to fashion the best music requires patience, experimentation and the honing of skills. As you master it you will find Noatikl, the evolution of SSEYO Koan, opens up rich new musical seams ready for your creative attention. Noatikl’s roots Noatikl is the evolution of the SSEYO Koan Generative Music system used in the 90s by Brian Eno et al, and it is still evolving today. Noatikl is much more powerful and versatile than Koan ever was.

For those interested in knowing more background, see the SSEYO history. Very deep, very unique and intelligent. Noatikl has gone through many iterations and continues to be the best generative music MIDI software available. There is a bit of a learning curve but no other software lets you build and generate such amazing combinations of sounds with as much or as little control as you desire.

You can build sound patterns and have them morph gradually. Good ideas generator for writers block. Noatikl has been playing in the background and I totally forgot what was creating the music. Noatikl is the best generative ambient music app I’ve seen for iOS so far!

Better than and it is as melodic as Drone FX it is at least as configurable as Soundscaper but Noatikl is more melodic and has smoother sound and texture transitions. Pad – please don’t confuse this generative app with the “ping-pong” sound generators that pretend to be generative. Incredible world of generated music – a must have! I was able to run Animoog and Addictive Synth through the midi out with stunning results. Whether you just looking for a little inspiration or want to create a whole ambient track, everything here is really possible. I use Noatikl EVERY SINGLE DAY! Composers can now program generative variations in their music that can be subtle or extreme.