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Naturally, the below examples are all spoilers. Ganbare Goemon 3 lets you fight the recurring Kabuki if you collect all the health power-ups. No gimmicks, no interventions, just two young men in a deserted car park, with Laser Blades and a score to settle. Seasons, there is a multi-stage final boss at the end of each game. When you play the SNES version of Sparkster on Hard, instead of the Final Boss dying before he launches the missile, he dies right after he hits the button. Guess what the True Final Boss is this time?

Altair with a Wave Motion Gun, and dare you to come after him. 4 stages to play, and two forms of Sirius await you in the final stage. Likewise, Bomberman 64: The Second Attack! Light and Dark bombs to fight the Angel of Light and Shadow. True Final Boss battle against the Angel will commence, leading to the Golden Ending when you beat it. If you don’t do this right, no merger takes place, and you get another, stronger Sthertoth form that leads to a Downer Ending where almost everyone dies when you beat him.

The arcade version of Golden Axe ends when you beat Death Adder. When you beat him in the Genesis version, it lets you think the game is over and then cheerfully informs you that you have to fight Death Bringer now. Drakengard 3 also has this, picking up the slack from its predecessor. This somehow manages to be worse than the original, due to frustrating camera angles and deceptive rhythm changes. Supreme Master mode, the hardest difficulty setting.