When is the automatic codemeter.exe executed? Is it possible to retrieve the lost licenses for the software? Why are Windows 98 and Windows ME not supported anymore?

How to configure Codemeter for usage in network? What do I need to configure? How can I prevent this message? If the next drive letter is already occupied by a network drive, the mass storage device can not be listed.

Please choose drive letters at the end of the alphabet. Possibly the access to mass storage devices is restricted on your system. Please check, whether your browser is in “offline-mode”. In the Internet Explorer this can be changed in the “File” menu. Without Javascript you have access to the most important parts, e. Additionally you can do an additional backup at any time.

The check for doing a backup is done every hour. Disk Management” by “Start” – “Run” – “diskmgmt. Using the right mouse button you can open the menu for changing the drive letter. Remove Programs” dialog of the Control Panel.

Mark this entry and klick the button “Remove”. Doubleclicking this file unpacks the uninstall program. But of course you can ask your software vendor, maybe he will give you a special price for a replacement. Windows 95 and Windows NT do not support USB.

Please ask your software vendor whether this is supported. The support of Windows NT was suspended with version 4. Microsoft has finished the extended support phase for Windows 98 and Windows ME. If necessary please change the password. When you restore data from your backup, existing entries are not overwritten but created a second time. This can cause problems, if a program finds the needed entry more than once.

Here you can choose the backup file to be used. Click on “Restore” to restore the chosen backup. 1 the hotplug mechanism is per default configured not to recognize mass storage devices automatically. You can change this default behaviour by changing the fstab to enable the automatic detection again. Per default port 22350 is used.