Cod 5 patch numbers

Because the Pier can be “snaggy”, popular rigs are pulley and standard Pennells. However, the sea bed surrounding the Pier is occasionally dragged following which the seabed is considerably less snaggy. Pier-head, harbour, and shore fishing are all cod 5 patch numbers adapted to those persons who, when in boats on the restless ocean, are wont to render a votive, albeit unwilling, offering to the sea god.

It must be remembered that fish which frequent harbours and haunt the piles of piers are fished for a great deal, and get shy, like, but not to the same extent as, their harassed fresh-water brethren. Fine tackle, therefore, is very advisable, and the importance of ground-baiting can hardly be overrated. At page 36: The plummet illustrated in section in Fig. 47 is used for taking the depth and one other purpose.

The nature of the bottom is then easily discovered. Such a plummet should weigh about half a pound. From an angler’s point of view, this commences south of the Thames and extends to Eastbourne. The fishing at this south-east corner is very good indeed, including, as it does, Deal, Dover, and Hastings, while in the size and quantity of its fish, it closely resembles the south-west coast, which is, however, superior. This is, perhaps, the best spot for angling on the south-east coast, as indeed one could guess, without going there, from the repeated advice in the Fishing Gazette from Mr.

Sachs and others, to go there. Sachs is well known at Deal, and it is to him that I am indebted, not alone for the idea of originally trying Deal, but also for some very practical advice on Deal Pier a few summers ago. There are but few places where the pier affords better fishing than boats, but Deal is certainly an example. The length of the pier, 1000ft. Margaret’s, brings many large fish under shelter on the north of the pier. The charges on the pier are 1d entrance, or 3d on and off all day, and each rod also pays a tax of 5d per diem.