Cmd.exe/c start exit

The above also works, provided of course your script has the correct working directory. Not that I cmd.exe/c start exit understand why. As far as my few tryings go, the root of the problem lies in the fact that the command to execute has two passages enclosed inside double quotes.

I’ve lost few days while find this, hope it helps someone! Note that the backslashes are escaped in the uploaded_file name, but not in the path to call the Winzip executable. AFICT, the standard Unix Apache configuration causes an rare problem when running a job in the background. I’m trying to use PHP to get rid of batch files. I didn’t want to call a file to parse the parameters to call a shell to call a file. I’ve got “systems” right now with batches tiered three and five deep. I just wanted to run stuff.

CALL, tested on WinXP, will be testing on more OSes right away, in PHP4 and 5, with exec, system, works with popen, and passthru. LONG PATH NAMES WITH SPACES IN THEM ON WINDOWS! For those who want to execute a . Just a simple note to help people get rid of some headaches. Well, I had this issue when I wanted to start an indefinitely running PERL script from PHP. Somehow I could not make the PHP script to return after executing the PERL script.

This script will be run over HTTP. Note on XP users: XP-Home edition does not allow to set rights directly on files and folders. You should use cacls command-line utility to do this. IIS user full access to cmd. PHP can fork and execute external programs. MAYBE your program has started, but you can’t see it. When the output of a command is only important to the program.