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Visit the Switchbacks Data Submission page! In cgpsmapper patch number, Northwest Trails is a mapset of trails designed for upload to any map-enabled Garmin GPS receiver. Over time I collected a large quantity of track data recording various paths and routes. Tracks are very helpful when it comes to navigating a route, but the biggest problem with having a multitude of them is that no GPS can accommodate more than a few at a time.

Thus, you need to know beforehand what route you want to take and, if you are talking about even a modestly sized network of trails, you have to decide which trails to cull in order for things to fit into your receiver. That’s when I started thinking about custom maps for my receiver. I set out making these maps for my own use and before long realized that a lot of other people could probably use them, too. That’s why I started this project. Northwest Trails can also be loaded directly to the GPSr on its own.

Custom type definitions are used to help distinguish trail types and make them easier to see on the map than the default trail lines. However, since government GIS sources of unknown quality and completeness are the source of much of this data, there is a significant need for not only additional data but also verification of virtually all of these trails by GPS-wielding users. The first image shows the Riverside State Park area in Spokane with Northwest Trails layered on top of City Navigator 2009. The second shot shows a section of Squak Mountain near Issaquah, WA on top of Topo 2008.

Note that the trails will not appear until you zoom in to the 0. 5 mile zoom level or below. The accuracy of the data used to create these maps varies greatly. These maps are to be used for reference purposes only. Installation and use of these maps is at your own risk! It is important to note that when you upload maps to your receiver, the existing mapset on the unit will be deleted. Please direct all feedback to the email address shown at the top of this page.

I try my best to reply to every email I receive but it is not always possible. I do read every email and appreciate the feedback. If you like this mapset please let others know about it. More people using and supporting this effort means more additions and corrections are possible. The real heart of that data is tracks recorded out in the field with GPS.