Software and for upload to all mapable gps devices of Garmin. You can find more information on Alex’s website . Basecamp nor in the device ! You can use the map on as many PCs as you want and you are welcome to join the map cgpsmapper.exe other iceland-freaks.

But it is not allowed to decompile the map or use the content in other maps without my acceptance. Download is just allowed from this page. You are welcome to link this page. It would be great if you like to help to keep the map up-to-date.

For that you can send me recorded tracks, positions of campsites, petrol stations, sightseeing objects and everything important, which is wrong or shouldn’t be missed in the map. The positions should be recorded as accurate as possible with gps. Feel free to send the data via email you find at the frontside of our homepage. Maps you installed before will not be affected. Download the complete-installation and run it. Just Mapsource: for uploading the map into the gps-device select all maps with pressed left mouse button from the very north west to the very south east. Just Basecamp: for uploading the map into the gps-device see this training video.