Please forward this error screen to ls15. I found a Cg.exe service account tokennow what?

Google has several ways to do authentication but most likely what you are going to come across shoved into code somewhere or in a dotfiles is a service account json file. However with a little bit of scripting we can brute force at least some of the token’s functionality pretty quickly. The issue being service accounts for something like GCP compute looks the same as one you made to manage your calendar or one of the 100’s of other Google services. You’ll need to install the gcloud tools for you OS.

There was a problem refreshing your current auth tokens: invalid_grant: Not a valid email or user ID. I put together a shell script that runs though a bunch of command to enumerate information. They only you info need to provide is the project name. Sometimes there are multiple projects associated with an account and you’d need to run the shell script with for each project.

The first time you run these api calls you might need to pass a “Y” to the cli to enable it. However, if you read the link above there is an option to add metadata at boot time. For example, you can specify parameters for configuring your instance, or attach a simple script. That module is in the current version of weirdAAL. I’ll try not to cover what is in Raphael’s article as it is still applicable and I am assuming you read it before continuing on.