Ccmsetup.exe smssitecode=s01

S Deployment Thread, SCCM issues with recent update. How can I get the management point to be auto discovered again? Use the following URL when referencing this thread from another forum or ccmsetup.exe smssitecode=s01. I’ve removed and added the roll but that hasn’t fixed it.

Can only install the client via SCCM push it seems. Couldn’t find an MP source through AD. Raised pending client deployment state message. That’s back to my original email where I was asking about boundaries unless you’re specifying the MP during the install variables. If it’s not finding the sources either is that a valid path you’re trying to use?

Or was that the client name? Syscent-01, I have asked about the boundaries and I am assured that they are correct? Assuming you are using CHS as you said previously as the site code, and run it what happens? Hi Steve Previous post was Nick, I have done as you suggested and have a log of what currently is going on. T to cut out some students project now, will be back at 15:30. The network account you’re using to push the clients doesn’t have the right permissions to read what it needs to via the SMS Site shares etc.

I take it the push install account has high enough access to get everything? The boundary is incorrect so it can’t find said machine, or you aren’t pushing a specific site down as part of the installer and AD isn’t configured for the schema to allow it to find it. Also on a side point, I noticed in your other log your AD isn’t returning a line either. Did you configure AD with the extended properties or aren’t you normally using that? I’m still struggeling to figure out why it would of just stopped working. Apart from installing the 1706 update we hadn’t changed anything.