Ccmsetup.exe command skip bits 2.5 install

This script was created after one of my customers experienced very bad patch compliance, and a lot of clients very not patched, or reported as compliant while not being patched at all. Our investigation discovered several root causes, and I created a tool to fix them all. After running this script on their computers, patch compliance increased significantly. It will always contain the latest information about the latest released version, and this is the place ccmsetup.exe command skip bits 2.5 install find the most current documentation.

Upgrade from previous versions require a database upgrade. Reports faulty or missing drivers on client. User-friendly reboot of computer with 3rd party reboot app when in pending reboot or computer uptime is more than specified in config. Other services can be specified to start and run and specific state. Windows Update Agent not working correctly, causing client not to receive patches.

Windows Update Agent missing patches that fixes known bugs. WMI remediation only works if the script is run with SYSTEM privileges. The script sends the result of the health check to a webservice using either http or https, and the webservice use a service account to to update the SQL database. Instructions for installing and configuring the webservice are included in the in the downloaded file. Note: Pending reboot check is only implemented for logging and reporting.