CCleaner is of the most downloaded software utility by users worldwide and also in most corporate’s, they also use only CCleaner for cleaning up system and helping it to run fast. CCleaner is also one the most used application to help protecting your privacy and cleans your system in :ccleaner.exe, helping it to run faster and in a secured manner. CCleaner which was initially started as a very basic application for removing temporary files has grown itself to a big extensive application which can do even a mintue to any big thing you want the CCleaner to do it for you. CCleaner also gives you option of adding new programs for software’s which doesn’t comes with a base install.

Also, you can add programs in exclusion list of CCleaner, so that they don’t get cleaned during system clean. It also provides options of adding or removing built-in detection’s that comes with base CCleaner install. This proves, that CCleaner has the maximum flexibility if compared with any cleaning tool. First version of CCleaner was released around 2008 for Windows XP and till today, CCleaner has came ahead with so many developments and is also counted as one of the most actively developed cleaner software.

Piriform who are the makers of CCleaner keeps releasing new version every 4-5 weeks and keep improving supports for browsers which are frequently updated. If you’re running on latest operating system like Windows 10, i recommend you installing CCleaner as they keep updating their sofware with support of browsers as well. Likewise, you should know that CCleaner supports Microsoft Edge too fully. However, CCleaner i believe should come with a tutorial or start-up wizard where users could customize the software as per their need, so that they may not end up deleting things they never intended too.