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Redesigned the old ext_skel program written in PHP, run: ‘php ext_skel. This means there are no dependencies, thus making it work on Windows out of the box. Improved effectiveness of ZEND_SECURE_ZERO for NetBSD and systems without native similar feature. INI entries for customizing syslog logging. The declaration and use of case-insensitive constants has been deprecated. FPM configuration options: log_limit, log_buffering and decorate_workers_output.

Added full support for sending and parsing ldap controls. 1 are slow compared to 5. Bus Error due to unaligned access in zend_ini. Add min_proto_version and max_proto_version ssl stream options as well as related constants for possible TLS protocol values. PGSQL_DIAG_SCHEMA_NAME, PGSQL_DIAG_TABLE_NAME, PGSQL_DIAG_COLUMN_NAME, PGSQL_DIAG_DATATYPE_NAME, PGSQL_DIAG_CONSTRAINT_NAME and PGSQL_DIAG_SEVERITY_NONLOCALIZED. Add support for getting SKIP_TAGSTART and SKIP_WHITE options.

Minimal required zlib library is 1. 76075 –with-fpm-acl wrongly tries to find libacl on FreeBSD. Fixed incorrect write to getenv result in FPM reload. Intl compilation fails with icu4c 61. Countable” interface is moved from SPL to Core. Fixed memory leaks caused by exceptions thrown from destructors. Added PHP_OS_FAMILY constant to determine on which OS we are.