C:\program files (x86)\windows player\winplayer.exe

Q: What are the command line options for Windows Media Player? 10 supports only a limited set of command line parameters. It it shipped with all version of media player, so you can be certain that c:\program files (x86)\windows player\winplayer.exe will be on the end users system when launched.

If the user does not have mplayer2. Open the file, don’t automatically start playing. Start playing the file as soon the player is launched. Start the file in full-screen mode. Use a new instance of the player. This example would launch the Windows Media Player shell to play my_movie. The following set of command line parameters that specify how Windows Media Player version 9 and 10 behaves when it starts.

The following table details some of the the parameters and their behaviors. The link at the bottom will show all of the options. Start the Player and play the file. Play the specified file in full-screen mode. You must specify the path and file name of the content to play. Play a DVD or audio CD.