. : c:program files 1cv82\common\1cestart.exe

We recommend that you run 1. C: Enterprise using the launcher 1cestart. To run the launcher, on the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to 1. C: . : C:program files 1cv82\common\1cestart.exe 8, and click 1.

C: Enterprise 8 system is installed in a network environment for simultaneous use by multiple users, the network administrator can place the launcher 1cestart. For details on infobase list setup, see 1. C: Enterprise 8 version, in the Windows Start menu, point to Programs, point to 1. Then the launcher opens the list of infobases.

You can perform similar actions using the interactive launcher 1. For a detailed description of 1. C: Enterprise client installation, start, and update, see the following section. Universal client installation, start, and update mechanism. This feature is intended to automate 1. C: Enterprise installation and updates on end- user computers.

It also ensures that infobases that require different 1. C: Enterprise versions are listed in a single startup window. A computer can have multiple platform versions installed simultaneously. The main purpose of the launcher is to start an interactive launcher for a specific platform version.

The interactive launcher opens the infobase list and starts the client application required for the selected infobase. You can specify command- line options for the launcher. Usage of these options automates the launching process. For example, you can specify the infobase right in the command line. In this case the user is not prompted to select an infobase from the list.