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Application Configuration or ICA File Editor. This means that the file is unrecognized and that Windows is unable to open it. It also means that you need additional software installed before you can open the file. The problem is that you don’t know what software to use. Windows does not explain which tool opens which file, so up to you to figure this out.

One way of finding the perfect tool is to search Google for ” ICA file extension”. You will receive an impressive number of options. However, choosing the right one is the dif is ficult part. In our case, we do not need to download and install anything from the Internet. We have what we need right here in Windows. Let see what program opens ICA files. What to use ICA files are opened with Notepad.

But where were you to know that Notepad to open these files? So, go ahead and double click the file again. You will see the same window as before. Click select the program from a list and click OK.

As you can see, you can choose the program with which to open the file. Notepad even appears under the recommended programs. If you do not see the program in the list, you can click browse to search for it manually. In our case, we see the program from the start. If it is active when you click OK, Windows will always open the file with Notepad. As you can see, Notepad opens the file and you can edit it. Opening ICA files is quite easy, once you know what program to use.