Boosey hawkes emperor clarinet patch numbers

This is a well-used matched pair of Emperors. The overall response with each instrument is a free blowing mellow sound, characteristic of these instruments. They have a responsive attack, and given the right mouthpiece you will have a boosey hawkes emperor clarinet patch numbers pair of clarinets fit for all situations.

The instrument has been refurbished, though the existing pads are fine. There is a little wear on the keys, and a number marks consistent with much use on the body, none of which compromises the construction or sound of the clarinets. The whole mechanism has been oiled, as has been the bore of each clarinet. The Bb clarinet shows more use, and a chip under the bridge has been super-glued back, which is almost impossible to see as it is hidden by the bridge arm. From the photographs one can see some of these factors, and the inclusion a used Yamaha 4C mouthpiece in good condition with brand new ligature and cap.