Для iOS 8 и blackmesa-setup.exe поздних версий. Также вы можете настроить Chromecast на этом компьютере.

Попробуйте также установить расширение Google Cast и транслировать сайты из браузера Chrome на этом компьютере. Download the game files, I used this magnet link. Once that’s done update the wrapper. Important note: Make sure the engine you use is CXG otherwise your game will constantly crash!

Show package contents” and run Wineskin. Notes: Don’t change the Steam default install location when you get prompted, just click “Next” and uncheck the “Run Steam” box when it’s done. Once all that’s done close the Winetricks window. You should now be back under the “Tools” tab of the Wineskin Advanced settings window. You should now be on the Wineskin main menu window. Hit play and install the Source SDK Base 2007.

When it’s done you should be able to play with minimal crashes. Be sure to check out the BMS subreddit for BMS related news and technical support. Note: This guide isn’t written specifically for Linux. All I believe you’d have to do to get the game working on Linux is find a different Wine wrapper manager than Wineskin Winery. The rest of the steps should be identical. So, here’s a guide if you can’t figure out how to install Black-Mesa.

Download the Black Mesa game from their official website, the game is 3. As Black is entirely based on Valve’s Source Engine, you need to get it. But before that it requires you to install the Steam Client. Once the Steam Client is installed, it’s time to get Source SDK Base 2007. Open your Steam client register yourself an account and log-in to it. Alternatively, you can click Library on top and click All-Games and change it to tools.