Bioshock2.exe cannot be launched directly.

You need to login to do this. Very annoying when those jetpack brutes use it on you. In a first for the series, nearby explosions cause the sound to temporarily stop with tinnitus ringing, and the sound is muted in the space part of “Long Night of Solace”, averting Space Is Noisy. The “New Alexandria” bioshock2.exe cannot be launched directly. has jamming devices that interfere with the HUD, similar to the GRAW example.

In Dirty Bomb, being in the proximity of an explosion will cause your screen to grime up and as your health gets lower, the edges of your screen gets bloodier. Thunder’s concussion grenade blinds players in a flash of white light. Common in the Call of Duty series. Scav Droids and jammers also cause static and HUD glitches whenever you’re in close proximity.

The former would also attach to your face and drill into your visor, making it hard to see until the repair-wipe thing fixed it. The effect clears after a few to several seconds, depending on how much you’ve had. Walking under a water leak will cause a gush of water to momentarily run down the screen as if it were a camera. Every time it changes, you automatically switch to the plasmid even if you were holding a weapon. Being hit by a Bouncer’s Ground Pound attack temporarily blurs your vision and immobilizes you. The Pyro’s fire was at first supposed to obscure the victim’s screen, but as it is now you can barely make out the flames around the screen edges. In fact, if it weren’t for your character’s aim shaking and some rather loud exclamations of “I’m burning!

Ironically, the flamethrower is very good at obscuring the vision of the character playing as the Pyro. The Spy’s Dead Ringer and Eternal Reward screw with the enemy kill feed and, in some cases, give out completely legitimate achievements and dominations for kills that never really happened. Pyroland mode is a form of voluntary interface screwing. Players under the effect of bleeding will have their screen turn red and their vision repeatedly jerk slightly from taking damage. For example, Demopan can fill his opponents’ screens with fake trade requests. Also, the player has a cybernetic interface installed, which reacts poorly to EMP explosions.

Adding an ACOG to any gun severely reduces this rating. MAG has scope sway for every single weapon. There are various skills to reduce the sway, but even at maximized sway reduction while shooting prone, you’ll still have scope sway. The only way to eliminate it entirely is with a bipod, which introduces a new problem when you can’t move while the bipod is extended. The whole time your pathfinding is hampered by large random movements of the controls. The sequel has flash missiles which blind the victim by causing a massive whiteout. The battle against the boss which uses homing flash missiles is supremely annoying because of this.