Bioshock 2 bioshock 2.exe cannot be launched directly

You need to login to do this. Okay, here’s the dumb copy protection. When a player purchases a video game, how does the developer prevent them from simply making an illicit copy of the software and giving it away to a friend? This has been a concern for game makers even from the start, so throughout the years they’ve come up with a variety of ways to verify that whoever is playing their game has fronted the bioshock 2 bioshock 2.exe cannot be launched directly cash for that privilege.

Passphrase method: The game prompts a user to input a word or phrase from a specified page of the game’s manual, trusting that only legal owners have a copy of that. Puzzle method: As a more subtle, elaborate version of the above, the player encounters an in-game puzzle that is generally not solvable without supplementary clues and information included either in the game’s manual or its Feelies. Activation: The software key is registered and paired with your computer’s hardware somehow. On first install, information about your computer is sent back to the developers, and on subsequent installs the information is checked and you’re blocked from proceeding if the information doesn’t add up. See also Digital Piracy Is Evil and DRM.

Infogrames’ original Alone in the Dark series has this, and notably ratcheted it up in the second game. The DOS game Al-Qadim: The Genie’s Curse features copy-protection in the form of a question whose answer you need to look up on a page in the manual in order to start playing. Also in the original game, whenever you level up, the Review Board will ask you to name a street in the city. The map that came with the game has the streets misspelled – the Grand Plaza is labeled “GRAN PLAZ”, and Hawk Scabard is labeled “HAWK SCABBARD”.

The third game of the trilogy, Thief Of Fate, has dimension-hopping as a crucial plot point. Disney example given in this trope’s description. The Carmen Sandiego games each shipped with a large tome: a copy of that year’s World Almanac and Book of Facts, a history book or Fodor’s guide, from which information can be requested. What is the capital in the province of ? What type of structure is this?

In the manual section on page 45, paragraph 2, line 10 – what is word 6? The Elder Scrolls: Arena, the first game of the series, requires you to answer questions about spells in the known Spellbook part of the manual before leaving the first dungeon. The Amiga game Elvira: Mistress of the Dark has you hunting for six keys hidden in the castle, and one is hidden in a dark passage, requiring you to have Elvira cook up “Glowing Pride” to find it. In Elvira II: Jaws of Cerberus, opening the main building door and each of the studio doors requires a keypad code obtained via a code wheel.

You need to line up three symbols or words and type in a code visible in the proper box. A-18 Hornet has you answer a question from its rather large flight manual before starting a mission. The programmer responsible summed it up best himself: “One week I came up with a cunning plan. I figured anyone who cracked the game would take out the manual protection, play the game a bit and leave it at that. In Leather Goddesses of Phobos, the copy protection feelie is the map through the obligatory maze. Considering that the maze is pretty much instantly deadly if you don’t do the right things in the right places, this got rather irritating when the map was invariably lost.