Beamng drive maps

Cars, Maps, Trucks and more Beamng drive maps. Ibishu Pessima High Rev Engine v1.

Cars, Maps, Trucks and more BeamNG. Skoda Octavia Final car mod for BeamNG Drive. The map is our official test track. BeamNG drive new Map “BNGM TEST-AREA” beta. Important: The map should not win a beauty prize. It is only there to test your vehicles in detail.

The map is kept quite simple so that you have as much resources as possible! How far can you jump on the BIG JUMP? If you want a very realistic map, look for “Rally Monster Funpark”. M and 5 others like this. I find the map to be fun. I like the detail of the environment, you can tell that a lot of work went into it.

When it comes to the women poster controversy, I’m not trying to sound misogynistic or like those darn SJWs, but I do feel like they don’t really belong on a map like this. It doesn’t bother me, but it doesn’t make very much sense to me either. Overall, I’ll give the map a more fairer rating than what most people would. I seriously can’t believe how many people there are on here getting so upset over some pictures of girls. Modders can and will do literally absolutely anything they want to do. It’s not part of the “official” game and if someone wanted to make a mod of a car that is a floating dildo and the landscape is the anatomically correct body of a man or women they are well within their rights. These people really need to stop being such sheltered crybabies.

Why are there random girls everywhere? I like this map, it’s kind of like gm_flatgrass for BeamNG. Don’t listen to the haters, if we destroyed everything that wasn’t child-friendly we wouldn’t even have cars in the first place! I don’t mind the girls even tough they don’t make sense. What really bothers me is that this map feels really rushed. The Monster-Funpark map from this user had a ton of quality put into it. Which you could see by the custom objects and the vegitation.