Avp.exe : kernelbase.dll, : 6.1.7601.18409,

I avp.exe : kernelbase.dll, : 6.1.7601.18409, I found the solution. Unfortunately, in my case, the conversion didn’t work well. Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. For on-premises cache clusters, also verify the following conditions.

I have learned so much from your post. I would definitely bookmark your site to be updated with your upcoming articles. I have a problem with realtek hd manager loading on starting windows 7. Trying to uninstall and reinstall drivers from Asus ROG web – Realtek_Audio_Win7-8-8-1_VER6017240. When click 3-4 times on Close the program button Audio manager is open and everything look it is working.

The driver must only be updated after flashing UEFI to 0505 or later. Might need to update UEFI and reinstall OS. Install the Probe II sense driver or DIP5 from your SCD. Install the latest AI SUite III with DIP5 as well.