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All Media Players Crash When Avgui.exe avg user interface Any Video Files? 9,Non_Member::Apps General Discussion::All Media Players Crash When Playing Any Video Files? So for the past month or so I’ve had the issue of all my media players crashing when playing videos.

Initially I thought it to be my video driver, however a update revealed that was not the problem. I thought it was a specific set of videos I was playing, but playing other videos and videos off of an SD card also revealed that to be incorrect. The laptop in question is an ASUS G751JY, and it was bought in at the beginning of June this year. I ran a Harddrive Error Check on the drive with the video files, which came up negative.

However, given that the files on an SD card also had issues, I do not believe HDD failure to be the case since my actual players on on my SSD. I have also re-installed all my media players, updated the codec packs, and updated my video driver to Nvidia 355. Details regarding what happens when the players crash. With VLC, the video freezes but the audio keeps playing, video has also fragmented numerous times right before crashing, when I exit fullscreen the player crashes and must be restarted.

To my knowledge I have tried everything I could think of, but I still have issues. So please, if anyone knows what might be the problem, any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance. Media Players couldn’t play a . It’s not the CPU or GPU temp.