Battlefield 3 and Windows 8 dont match? Haven’t played BF3 in a long time so fired it up. I just upgraded to Win 8 and have not touched my PC except for audigy_supportpack_4_5.exe SSD and HDD going in tomorrow.

BF3 fired up, and then crashes to desktop. This Premium Member has a Premium Signature that Non-Premium Members wish they had. Ur PC needs Wookie Armor its crash proof. The most likely causes would be drivers, or some kind of general compatibility problem.

If you are not running the game using administrator privileges try running both origin. I play BF3 on windows 8 64bit for a week now without any problems. It runs even a bit better as in windows 7. Maybe your problem is punkbuster related, try to reinstall it. Works fine on my upgrade install of Win8 Pro.

That should clear up any installation-related problems. How do i update pb btw? I tried repair install too but it didnt work. Through control panel, completely uninstall punkbuster. Then go to your BF3 folder and find the file called pbsvc. Run that file and it should reinstall punkbuster.

Then go to the punkbuster website and download the manual updater. Run the updater for BF3 and you should be set for pb. 33 on my GTX 670, so that may be of some difference, but BF3 is running smoothly for me. No need for reinstalls or anything after the upgrade other than punkbuster. Great peace of software if you ask me. Not optimal yet but will come.